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William LeBeouf was just a regular man in quebec until he was bitten by a diseased grey wolf. As a result, he has succumbed to Lycanthropy and is now fighting to free himself from the curse that makes him bloodthirsty.

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William LeBeouf was oncea regular happy-go-lucky guy with his beautiful girlfriend, Amy. As the one bite William by the grey wolf, later he transform into "Lycanthrope", he start chasing Amy when ambushes her, begin rip her to pieces and eat her corpse. Edmund Gareth (a.k.a. the "Mad Alchemist") want to ask for Garou, he hosting the tournament call Brutal Fists and Garou can trust him to defeat.

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Above his transformation, Garou is seens most powerful of Lycanthrope, besides to abilities and throwing almost excellent. Wild to maded any strengths and criticals is showing that maded been strongest werewolf.

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  • Claw Swipe: Garou dashes through his opponent with a slash.
  • Chomp: He quickly snaps at his opponent
  • Boulder Throw: He throws a big boulder at his opponent.
  • Claw Wheel: He rolls up like a ball and hurdles towards his opponent with his claws extended.

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Death Finishes Edit

  • Eaten Alive: Garou jumps onto his opponent and eats him/her from the chest to the neck. Afterwards, he looks at the camera and snarls at the screen.
  • Lupine Backbreaker: He slashes his opponent in the face, followed by him clawing him/her in the back with two of his hands. He lifts his opponent up and then rams him/her towards his knee, breaking the opponent apart.

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Brutal Fists

William LeBeouf walks into the battlefield and a second later transforms into a snarling werewolf (known as "Garou").

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Brutal Fists

Garou splatters the camera lens with his opponent's blood from his claws and rushes out of the picture. The scene cuts to a rocky cliff at nighttime with a full moon and Garou arrives and howls at the moon.