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Hatake Miyazaki is a ninja in the japanese Special-Defense Force. He said to be a descendant of a famous ninja named Momochi Sandayu. His allas is Torasume, which means "Tiger Claw" due to his legendary retractable claws.

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Commander want Toratsume to sent in the Brutal Fists tournament to defeat Edmund Gareth the Mad Alchemist. Toratsume haves lesson to beat Edmund Gareth could possibly be part of some-deamon-worshipping cult.

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Toratsume is very strong ninja and the greatest warrior, deal both arrived types, for his fighting style could be Ninjustu, though many speeds striked and stealth quickly.

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Special Moves Edit

  • Kunai: Toratsume throws a kunai at his opponent.
  • Windmill Slash: He twirls his sword like a windmill which brings his opponent towards himself.
  • Shuriken Attack: He jumps up and throws three shurikens at his opponent.
  • Ninja Strike: He passes through his opponent with a slash.
  • Swordblock: He holds his sword up to reflect projectiles.
  • Ninja Teleport: He teleports into a cyberspace-y, torn line covered image out of the picture and reappears behind his opponent.

Finishing Moves Edit

Death Finishes Edit

  • Tiger Claws: Toratsume releases his tiger claws and then rips hip opponent apart with them.
  • Fast Cuts: Toratsume releases his tiger claws and he cuts his opponent all the way down into thinly-cut slices. The opponent's sliced pieces tumble off.

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Brutal Fists

Toratsume is seen about to jump off of a helicopter. He calls on his communicator that says, "Ready, Toratsume?", to which he responds, "Ready." He jumps off the helicopter and the scene cuts to the battlefield where Toratsume lands to.

Victory Pose Edit

Brutal Fists

Toratsume spins his sword around and then stops to strike a pose with it, saying, "You are not worthy of this task at hand."